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theory of
quantum materials

group of Dr. Tobias Holder

at Tel Aviv University


... exploring quantum transport and correlations
in multiband materials and engineered systems

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Both intuitively and observationally, the flow of water is easy to track. It is much more complicated to track down how electrons move in complex materials.

As it turns out, the main vehicle to understand this motion is the quantum geometry of the underlying Hilbert space!

Our primary research interests are the theoretical investigation of phenomena in quantum transport, as well as nonlocal and ballistic/hydrodynamic electron flow in high-mobility devices. 

These topics lie at the intersection of several timely research efforts in the condensed matter community which try to make sense of the wealth of information that is becoming available about complex and layered materials, heterostructures and van-der-Waals systems.

If you love to disassemble intricate questions into digestible pieces, in order to attain a genuine understanding of the underlying mechanisms, we would be excited to get to know you: The lab is currently hiring students and postdocs!

latest publications

T. Völkl, A. Aharon-Steinberg, T. Holder, E. Alpern, N. Banu, A. K. Pariari, Y. Myasoedov, M. E. Huber, M. Hücker, E. Zeldov

Demonstration and imaging of cryogenic magneto-thermoelectric cooling in a van der Waals semimetal

Nat. Phys. (2024)

meet the team

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